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My Word can beat up your Word

the winning word. If there is no winner, display "STALEMATE". Examples: intput: CAN,BAT CAN = 18 = 9 BAT

Word for part of a beat

terms for durations shorter than a beat. Simple prolation (such as 2/4 or 3/4) divides a beat into two X's. Compound

How long can two words be if they make up a larger word (challenge)

I came up with this little game. Basically we have to write a word using small caps and big caps so that the small caps

How can I encourage my baby's first words while keeping up a bilingual distinction?

;. That seems unnecessarily confusing. Under these circumstances, how can reinforce her attempts at first words while keeping up the bilingual distinction?

'Add' up the letters in a word

a word, and then 'score' the word by adding up the letters, where a=1, b=2, etc. (e.g. cat = 3+1+20=24). This made

Can "binaural beats" alter your state of consciousness?

wave entrainment audio stimulus that are guaranteed to alter your state of consciousness. Understanding the claim

How can I stop "Word is finishing analyzing your document"?

halt almost every minutes with "Word is finishing analyzing your document" message and a running progress bar

Lining up equations with words

are eating the fish. \item $Ct =$ Your Claws tore through my shirt! \item $Dhw =$ Your Dolphin swims fast. \end{itemize

Word that represents your truest desires

Looking for a word to describe the <em>desires of your heart</em>, in other words, what you are constantly

Can the word まだしも be broken up into distinct meanings?

I'm studying grammar, and one of the new forms that I'm learning uses the word まだしも. I looked it up and I found

Determine if a word can be constructed from list of subsets - follow-up

I have reworked my code as suggested from my previous question: Determine if a word can be constructed from list

What is the punishment for beating up your wife without a valid reason?

Is there a punishment in Islam for those who beat their wives without any valid reason? Even-though the wife is so obedient and take care of the home and the children?

Word of advice: If someone beats you in a guess-the-song challenge, dominate them

Remember my friend, Jim, who, y'know, gave me that "retaliation" puzzle, which I pretended to be stumped

Word for Not No?

I'm looking for the semantic not(no), as one word. I'm exploring languages through orthography. I can easily

What are the words for rank up or down?

I want to say to people to rank up or down my work. What words should I use?

What is my word?

I have a word. In the middle of my word are the letters 'ergro'. There are three letters at the start

Is "shvisle" a real or made up word?

I've come across the word in this captchart: "<em>Yo, my nizzle, can you pass me that shvisle?</em>

Is there a word for “that’s not my fault”?

Is there a word for “that’s not my fault”? Sometimes it’s easy to be associated with something

Mark up only part of a word

It's easy to make whole words bold, italic etc. by using the asterisk/slash before and after the word. It's

A word for something in my mind?

What would be a good word to fit in this sentence: I have this idea that I've been [...] for some time now

How can I include my own words within the quotation?

How can I include my own words (of an extra information) within the quotation? Can I do it in the following way

My mxd is a word file?

(and occasionally if I download an .mxd made on another computer), it shows up as a Microsoft word file, i.e. MAP.mxd.doc. I

Can the word 'quote' mean only one word?

: The question came up when my co-worker and I were trying to use this website and we were arguing if it is necessary to provide more than one word.

Find my word(s)!

The idea of this challenge is to find all the words from a dictionary on a grid of letters. Your input should come from

How can I make sure that the words I write are my own?

Well, I don't know how to confirm to myself that the words which I'm writing are my own words. Now, maybe those

a word for 'over-my-head'

Is there a single word for when a 'nerd' or expert talks so in depth about a topic that it leaves everyone else

How can I make vim stop splitting my words into chunks?

expressions. In my case most letters in the Turkish alphabet outside the EN alphabet don't seem to qualify as word characters

Is there a verb or word that means "mixing in coughs with your words as you speak"?

I mean a verb(word?) to describe the action of intentionally coughing as you speaking. (Shown as 'ahem' or '

Can I put a single word before my indent?

of the speaker I have to come up with something else.. How can I move a single word a bit backwards, and keep the rest

Bachelor's thesis can i use wordings from my supervisor

I am in the middle of writing my bachelor thesis and recently submitted a paper that I wrote with my supervisor about

Can the word "there" be used as noun?

Dictionary say "here" is adverb and "there" is adverb and noun. How can the word "there"

Word for a gift you get by virtue of your job

I am certain I once read a definition of a word that describes the gift you get only by virtue of your job

Make a code square with your favorite word

Pick your favorite 6 letter common English word that has no repeated letters, such as wombat. Write a program in an N

Is there a word to convey something that is barely in your sight lines?

this for field of vision on the outside corner of my eyes. Looking for a word that convey something - either above or below

Can the word "peace" be pluralised?

points against me with "peaces". Triple letter, and triple word score!

Is there a word for words about words?

There are several words for types of words. For example, a "synonym" is a word for words with similar

Can this sentence be worded in this way?

Instead of saying: I was eating a steak, and John was eating the lunch he brought from home. Could I word

Can "expirable" be a word?

to add suffix '-able' after an intransitive verb? Expirable Url is even a right word? I guess better 'expiring URL' than 'expirable URL', right?

The word that describes maintaining your body on the water surface

What is the verb or the word indicating the following action: when you are in the water and you can't swim but you

Who said, "Watch your thoughts, they become your words"?

I saw the following quote: <em>"Watch your thoughts, They become your words; Watch your words, They become

Singular word to mean "both of your hands" or "all of your fingers"

I'm looking for a singular word (not plural) that can be used to represent both of a person's hands (or all fingers and/or toes). Does such a word exist?

Is there a word for talking without moving your mouth?

I don't mean Ventriloquism exactly, I mean talking around what you may already have in your mouth... For instance

A word meaning to dig land with your nails or fingers

like the person is using a tool such as a shovel or a spade. Which verb means digging with <em>only</em> your fingers or fingernails? He desperately _______ the soil.

A word that brings up an idea that is the opposite of what is said

guilty" is meant to bring up the notion of guilt. I know there's a word for this but I can't remember it.

How many words are toddlers "making up"?

My 20-month old has learned many words to express herself. In addition she says many other words

How can I partition a set of words given pairs that must end up together?

That is if two words ever occur on the same row of input they must end up in the same row of the output. Any tool would do.

Are words on my T-shirt removable?

I wonder if the words on my T-shirt are removable? If yes, what kind of (chemical or physical) ways

How to break up long words in a views display?

I have a "related discussion" block view. Long words like links are breaking my layout. Is there a way

"I'm my own grandpa" – is there a word for this?

I was listening to a Chad Morgan record today, on which his cover of the song <em>I'm my own grandpa</em

Word for "moving up one conceptual level"

>Oaks and maples are trees.</li> <li>Carrots and cake are food.</li> </ul> I seek a word