Searching: my word can beat up your word

How long can two words be if they make up a larger word (challenge)

I came up with this little game. Basically we have to write a word using small caps and big caps so that the small caps

How can I stop "Word is finishing analyzing your document"?

halt almost every minutes with "Word is finishing analyzing your document" message and a running progress bar

Determine if a word can be constructed from list of subsets - follow-up

I have reworked my code as suggested from my previous question: Determine if a word can be constructed from list

What is the punishment for beating up your wife without a valid reason?

Is there a punishment in Islam for those who beat their wives without any valid reason? Even-though the wife is so obedient and take care of the home and the children?

What are the words for rank up or down?

I want to say to people to rank up or down my work. What words should I use?

Is "shvisle" a real or made up word?

I've come across the word in this captchart: "<em>Yo, my nizzle, can you pass me that shvisle?</em>

Mark up only part of a word

It's easy to make whole words bold, italic etc. by using the asterisk/slash before and after the word. It's

How can I include my own words within the quotation?

How can I include my own words (of an extra information) within the quotation? Can I do it in the following way

How can I make vim stop splitting my words into chunks?

expressions. In my case most letters in the Turkish alphabet outside the EN alphabet don't seem to qualify as word characters

Can I put a single word before my indent?

of the speaker I have to come up with something else.. How can I move a single word a bit backwards, and keep the rest

Can the word "peace" be pluralised?

points against me with "peaces". Triple letter, and triple word score!

Who said, "Watch your thoughts, they become your words"?

I saw the following quote: <em>"Watch your thoughts, They become your words; Watch your words, They become

How many words are toddlers "making up"?

My 20-month old has learned many words to express herself. In addition she says many other words

Are words on my T-shirt removable?

I wonder if the words on my T-shirt are removable? If yes, what kind of (chemical or physical) ways

How to break up long words in a views display?

I have a "related discussion" block view. Long words like links are breaking my layout. Is there a way

"I'm my own grandpa" – is there a word for this?

I was listening to a Chad Morgan record today, on which his cover of the song <em>I'm my own grandpa</em

Can 'floccinaucinihilipilification' be considered a real word?

Can 'floccinaucinihilipilification' still be considered a real word? The only context that I have ever seen

Can the word "dehydration" imply "thirsty"?

. Can the same word imply that the body is thirsty? Simply put, is "I am thirsty" the same as "I am dehydrated"?

Can one word be classified as two different word classes?

abgelehnt. is, and what the word <em>abgelehnt</em> can be classified as. Traditional German grammar

How can I replace a word with a yanked word in Vi?

Vim, but just Vi. Using it hasn't been too rough with just a few problems. One is this: How to replace a word

Is there a single word that defines time is on your part/side/favor?

" there was a sudden suspension of class. Just out of curiosity, I want to know if there's a single word to describe this kind of luck in which time is in your favor.

How to teach your toddler to pronounce old words correctly?

to the TV he called it the "Deet" (a "word" he also used for other things). He can now say something

What's the 'official' term for when a word is at the tip of your tongue?

or state your brain (or your speech center) is in when a word is at the tip of your tongue but you can't quite think of what it was again. What was that term again?

How can I display 'word count' in Calibre while browsing my Library?

and such that can be misleading. I notice on Smashwords they often include a word count in the books in the description. Is the word count an attribute that Calibre can display? If so how?

How can I improve my ability to find the definition of unknown words using the context?

to be able to develop my skill to use context clues to find these definitions. As of now, the only way I can find

Can I restore my wallet with the mnemonic seed even if the seed words are changed in the future?

I am thinking that even if the seed words change or the mnemonic seed option is removed all together I can still

Do you pronounce words in your head when reading?

Whenever I read (silently), I hear a voice in my head speaking the written words. I've tried to mute this voice

Does reading a word without mentally vocalizing it inhibit your ability to comprehend?

in our heads. Is mental vocalization an unnecessary habit that can be scraped away without inhibiting comprehension

Word or near-word?

Write a program or function that given a string (or your language's equivalent), determine if the string is a word

How to remember words and improve my vocabulary.

keeping a notebook with all the words that I have leant but I just can't rember them if I don't repeat them

Difficult and rare words/expressions that never show up in vocabulary lists

I've come quite far in my studies of the English language; ask me what "eleemosynary," "

Is it normal to feel your heart beat in your chest?

Is it normal for a person to at times feel their heart beat in their chest without actually placing their hand

My wpm (words per minute) is already 93, how can I get any better?

I am not willing the use the Dvorak keyboard so how can I improve my typing speed on a Qwerty keyboard? I can type

Can I use the words "LLC" for my DBA registered under a mother LLC company?

, say "AWESOME COMPANY". It is my understanding that the DBA works as an alias for the original company. So

To which word does "all" belong? (in my case)

In the following sentence, to which word (rescuers or hope) does 'all' belong? <em>"Rescuers had

What is the word for "swallow a word"?

Consider this fictional situation which I made up to let you feel the sense: Brad and Brett was chatting about

Any dictionary application capable to look up for misspelled words?

I am looking for an English-English dictionary capable of finding words that are the most similar to the word entered

Is "Rapture" or "Caught up alive" in contradiction to God's words "Dust to dust"?

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken

What word can be matched with 'general calculation'?

based on for the abbreviation. Can you tell me the word for the meaning?

What is the term for when a word can not be translated directly?

I was wondering if there's any term in linguistics when the word cannot be translated in just one/two words. I mean

How can I search for words by meaning/definition?

Where can I search for words using descriptive sentences? For example, now I'm looking for a word meaning "

Is there a word that can be used to mean 'wear' in general?

하다 – wear earmuffs And of course there is 입다 which also means 'wear'. So my question is : can either 입다

Can we use two negative words in a sentence?

One told me that, we can not use two negative words in a sentence. For instance, as far as I know There is not any

Does the word Satan ever show up in the New Testament?

Satan is a Hebrew word that means adversary. The New Testament is written in Greek. So I guess not. It seems

Is there a term for a made-up synonym or analogy to describe a forgotten word?

.) There are some examples here, but the general gist is that someone forgets a word (in my case, "shovel"

Can an ant spell words by walking on cube?

. Assume that to spell a word, the letters must be up/down or left/right adjacent, but not necessarily on the same face. [Edit

Can singularity screw up your model?

, there are some areas that reach the insane values of 300 or even 1MPa. How can I be sure the singularities in those points

Can words have multiple, different origins

In the yoga context, it is common for gurus to give multiple origins of a specific word in order to 'dig'

Where can I place the word “jetzt” in a sentence

I have been learning German for only a few weeks and one of my frequent mistakes is with the word <em>jetzt<

How can you translate the word "whatsoever" to spanish?

I've been struggling to find an accurate expression that translates to Spanish the word "whatsoever".