Searching: is there an optimal opening production order

Price optimization for tiered and seasonal products

Assuming I can collect the demand of the purchase of a certain product that are of different market tiers. Example

Open datasets for product reviews

Are there public repositories that have public reviews and feedback data of products (I need digital camera reviews

Default sort order of a product list

Looking over a few ecommerce projects, I noticed that the default sorting order for any product list ends up being

How to improve programming environment for optimal productivity?

As a beginner programmer I find myself spending hours and sometimes even days on my desk reading code, writing code, foc

How to get all products previously ordered by a customer?

How can I get all products ordered by the customer, so I can put them in a array ?

how to change displaying order of products in wp ecommerce

I am working on a wp-ecommerce enabled site and am trying to change the display order of the products on the product grid page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to create order programmatically with downloadable products

I am trying to make an order programmatically with downloadable products. I don't care about payment, the only

LUB GLB on a Lexicographically ordered complete lattice product

I am trying to define the LUB and GLB on a product of lattices that are partially ordered lexicographically

How to allow orders for out-of-stock products?

the if($_product->isSaleable()): from catalog/product/view/addtocart.phtml because that would be hardcoding something

Add more filters in report the products ordered

Here I am giving my first steps in magento. And I came across a nescessidade in: Reports-> Products->

Is it possible switch buffers in order of accessing but not opening?

At first I am going try to explain you "order of opening". For example, if I'll open files in this order

Open Product Data sources and importing into SQL

I'm trying to import the .sql file from Open Product Data, the POD Database Dump. The site recommends to use

Open database of industrial companies and products, with bill of materials

I'm looking for open database of industrial companies and products, with bill of materials. For example - company

What is the best way to promote an open source product?

a product is to provide information that is detailed, and easy to understand. Not everyone knows about open source

Open data for chemical substances, structures and products?

I'm looking for large open data which provides chemical compounds, substances, structures and products. Database

Can a license on a open source product expire?

Background: While I know that copyrights on open source products expire. I have never come across anything regarding

Do Open-Plan Offices have productivity advantages?

There are quite a few studies debunking the effectiveness of Open-Plan Offices (sometimes named Open Space

Open source products like ExtJs Gui Designer

in the end come from a DB at the backend. Are there (not totally outdated) open source WYSIWYG editors for webpages that store

Optimal Data Format(s) for Open GIS Data Repositories?

, i'd like as many different answers/opinions as possible to make the best informed opinion. Open data github

How can I order each product variant in my templates?

In Craft Commerce is it possible to order each product variant in the template, I would like to order by price

Products missing from price index after order place

There seem to be many issues around the re-indexing of product prices on order placement. See the other issue re

Change order or tabs on product details page on Magento 1.9

How do you change the order of the tabs on the product details page. I created a new tab called 'Programs'

Magento 1.8 order product quantity per 0.1 decimals

product, but this would mean creating a selection pull down list from 0.1 to 25.0 or so in steps of 0.1 ... very ugly

Where can I find open database with food product names and their calories?

Searching for open data with food products and their calories and nutritional values?

How to sort order of products in website using zen cart

in the right order. Instead of going 10mm, 20mm....90mm, 100mm, 110mm it is going 10mm, 100mm, 110mm.....190mm, 20mm, 200mm

What iRobot products support the open interface besides the iRobot Create?

I have read that certain iRobot products support or can be hacked to support something close to the open interace

Evidence that open source production processes increase efficiency and/or consumer surplus?

Is there peer reviewed evidence that open source <em>production processes</em> increase efficiency

Determining maximum strategy capacity and optimal order size for low frequency equity strategy

, and creating a footprint in the market with a large order in mind. My initial thought was to assume that I could safely trade

Optimizing a simple calculus using a list of matrices - Repeated dot product between a vector and a list of matrices

I want to make the following operation : $$ \begin{bmatrix} \dot q_1\\\dot q_2 \end{bmatrix} + \begin{bmatrix} \begin{b

Repurchasing products at a store with a different credit card than the one the order was originally paid with

and shipped them to store last week. The credit card that I used to pay the order with used to offer a year of extended

Let customers pre-order products online without having them in stock already?

question is: Does it makes sense that I launch my website now and let people pre-order? Until I get the cards? One

My open office is not effective in increasing my productivity, how can I counter this?

We have an open office (no cubical walls) that is intended to increase productivity.<br> However I find

How can merge produce grammatical strings if mathematical sets do not have an order?

Merge takes two elements and combines them into a set. Say it takes a DP "Luke" and a V "run". We ca

What qualities do I need from an espresso machine or steam wand in order to produce good latte art?

sufficient for being able to produce microfoam, which I understand is necessary for good latte art. When I shop

How could I include my business partners / investors in the open source product development?

In my company we are developing a large open source piece of software. To do this we have hired many developers. To pay

Can 偷工减料 be used to describe the intentional and open purchasing of somewhat inferior product?

corners"? Can I use 偷工减料 to describe intentionally purchasing inferior product that everyone knows about

How can a profitable business selling open source robotics parts be run if anyone can produce their own?

If open source robotics parts can be manufactured and sold by anyone, is it realistic to make a profit from selling

parameter optimization

simulation of the variables that is fitted to experimental data, in order to use the parameter values to predict

Speed optimization

I have a part of a program that I have to repeatedly call many times (about 2000 to 10000 times) f = Reap[Do[Sow[{0, 0,

Converging Trajectories and Sufficiency for Optimality

converging to the locally stable steady states of the cooperative solution and open-loop equilibria. <ul> <li

Optimal commodity taxation - solving for the optimal tax rates?

^x$ Subject to $$t_1^x ∑_hx_1 + t_2^x ∑_hx_2 ≥R$$ When I take the first order conditions for $t_1^x

Query optimization [Oracle]

= JOIN_RESULT.unique_doc_id order by JOIN_RESULT.batch_id The Question: How

Random products in product widget

products, special producs or hot products to decide which products to populate the widget with. I select the product types

Optimize Query with Derived Table

order by datepublished desc LIMIT 0, 12 Running EXPLAIN on the above shows this 1 PRIMARY ps ref active active

How to avoid NaN in optim?

Suppose, I have a function and want to optimize it. But if I use optim() which gives warnings(). How can I avoid

Site optimization prior to deployment

optimizations can be done in order my site to load faster?<br> It feels that it is loading a little bit slower.<br> Thanks!

Optimal time for Meal on Purim

What is the optimal time for the Purim Seduah (Meal)?

Complex spreadsheet script optimization

to "<em>blindcopy</em>" in a certain order. After that the found data shall be put into a sheet called

Biconvex optimization problems

Consider minimization of a biconvex function over a biconvex set. Is the biconvex optimization problems polynomially sol

Optimal time for sleichos

What is the optimal time for the recitation of, nay the asking for, Sleichos? Please state whose opinion you are followi