Searching: is there an optimal opening production order

ORDER BY optimization for a large table

where user_id={user_id} and visible=1 order by created desc LIMIT 20 ; select id from posts where user_id

How to optimize computing a product?

;gt;= 2, (Product[ ((2^(n - 1) + 2 i + 1)^2 - 1)/ (2^(n - 1) + 2 i + 1)^2, {i, 0, 2^(n - 2) - 1

delete a product that added to an order

I want to delete an order,but when I try to delete it notify me "This product is referenced by a line item

Associated Product Ordering/Sorting

Just wondering - how are you meant to sort the order of associated products? It seems that they are sorted

Schur product, partial order

$ is Schur product. Here the inequality is in the sense of Loewner partial order. How to prove this? Where can I find a reference?

Woocommerce product categories order

Is it possible to sort product categories? I have a category with a lot of subcategories. On the category page all

Looking for a software to optimize production in a cafe

. employees apart from producing batches need to do other duties. We have a small cafe where along with coffee we produce

GUI for products and orders

I am building a simple Store Management System and I have 4 classes, 3 of which are for Product, Vendor and Orders

Price optimization for tiered and seasonal products

Assuming I can collect the demand of the purchase of a certain product that are of different market tiers. Example

Open datasets for product reviews

Are there public repositories that have public reviews and feedback data of products (I need digital camera reviews

Default sort order of a product list

Looking over a few ecommerce projects, I noticed that the default sorting order for any product list ends up being

Admin: Order View not showing product's ordered attribute

I want display more attribute like size|gender|color ect in Magento Sales-->Order section, Below is code I used

How to list products in descending order?

Selected) "Price" Now this sorts every product from low to high for all products - but there doesn't seem

What is the production order of the Monogatari series?

It's rather confusing how the story is serialized not in the order of its events. I'd like to know the order

Change order of Tabs on product page

I'm trying to change the order of the tabs on the product page in Magento 2. Default is Details|More Information

Techniques to optimize the placement of orders in market making strategy?

the number of orders placed while maximizing the total volume of deals. Otherwise I will pay for each unmatched order

What is the optimal order of post-processing steps?

- what is the optimal order of post-processing steps (like noise removal, dust-spot removal, color correction

Knowing if I have an optimal ordering for a OBDD

I'm learning about OBDD and I have learned that the size of a reduced OBDD (ROBDD) is dependent on the ordering of t

Is the optimal temperature for human productivity 13°C?

A recent study attempting to quantify some of the economic costs of a warming climate argues that the optimal temperatur

How to improve programming environment for optimal productivity?

As a beginner programmer I find myself spending hours and sometimes even days on my desk reading code, writing code, foc

Sol economy: What is optimal for production on earth?

Follow-up-question to this scenario:<br> ~ 2750 A.D : Quite a few asteroids/celestial bodies have been move to a s

Optimizing order of graph reduction to minimize memory usage

the order of evaluation to minimze the maximum amount of memory used. That is, given a graph {1 -> 3, 2 -> 3, 4

Optimality of product input state in quantum channel

for the coherent information, is a product state between $A_1$ and $A_2$, does anyone know how to prove it? Is that also true for general channels, i.e. non random unitaries?

Prove or disprove NP-Completeness: An optimal ordering problem

Consider assigning a single object to $n$ potential receivers. It can only be assigned to one person. For each receiver

Optimize simple query using ORDER BY date and text

I have a query to a table in Postgres with an order based on a date field and a number field, this table has 1000000

Optimization for iterating and plotting a matrix product and its elements?

I have an iterative matrix product of this type $$ \begin{pmatrix}y_{n+1} \\ x_{n+1} \end{pmatrix} = \begin{pmatrix

Could SVD be used to optimize the partial inner-products?

}$. Now, given a inner-product matrix $M=XX_l^T\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times l}$, could the solution $Z$ minimizing $$||M-ZZ_l

How to optimize the query: the product qty bought with each of the products

I need to collect the data about the products which are bought together with the existing product on the store (in case

Algorithm to optimize polling frequency between producer and consumer

. The messenger - who works for the consumer - takes order from consumer, walks up to producer, places the order

How to get all products previously ordered by a customer?

How can I get all products ordered by the customer, so I can put them in a array ?

Get Product id from order id in Woocommerce

I am having trouble with Woocommerce product details and order details relationship. I'm not able to find

how to change displaying order of products in wp ecommerce

I am working on a wp-ecommerce enabled site and am trying to change the display order of the products on the product grid page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Commerce get product id's from order

My question is simple: How do I get the product id's from a commerce order with Drupal code? I have something like

How to get Orders for specific product's attribute

I want to apply filter as follow, I want to get All orders having product of specific attribute, my product has

How to check if a user has ever ordered a product/list of products

;commerce_order', $order); foreach ($wrapper-&gt;commerce_line_items as $order_line) { $product = $order_line

Programatically created order not adding bundle products correctly

with in, and when the order completes, one of the products is in the bundle, and the other is added separately. I've

Does Thompson's algorithm produce optimal NFAs?

I'm using Thompson's algorithm to convert from a regular expression to a NFA. Is Thompson's algorithm guara

Find out how many times a product was ordered

the products. foreach($productCollection as $product){ } I assume I should be able to get the order details

List only Orders containing specific Products

Each Product has a Merchant field which is standard Craft User. What I'd like to do is list out all Orders which

How to create order programmatically with downloadable products

I am trying to make an order programmatically with downloadable products. I don't care about payment, the only

Placing an order with configurable product weird issue

When placing an order with configurable product, Some products ordered twice. For example, Configurable product sku

How to get Woocommerce order product info

of the information about this order item, e.g the product id, whether it is a single / variable product etc

New Product Type - type_id - new order

can't add it to any orders (via the backend) when "create new order" Say for example my new product has

LUB GLB on a Lexicographically ordered complete lattice product

I am trying to define the LUB and GLB on a product of lattices that are partially ordered lexicographically

product attribute to quote item and order item

What is the correct way in magento to have a product attribute be automatically persisted to quote item

Commerce - Discount on three or more products in order

products in the order. I have spent all day looking at Commerce Coupons and Commerce Discounts but have not found a way to do this yet Is this possible?

How to allow orders for out-of-stock products?

the if($_product-&gt;isSaleable()): from catalog/product/view/addtocart.phtml because that would be hardcoding something

Production order of Battlestar Galactia (1978) episodes

<em>Star Trek</em> episodes might fictionally happen in airdate order, production order, or stardate order

Display Products [Ordered] of Particular Designer after login

Designer 1 &amp; Designer 2 as because customer ordered both products in single order. but I want to display only

Add more filters in report the products ordered

Here I am giving my first steps in magento. And I came across a nescessidade in: Reports-> Products->