Searching: is there an optimal opening production order

Woocommerce product categories order

Is it possible to sort product categories? I have a category with a lot of subcategories. On the category page all

Price optimization for tiered and seasonal products

Assuming I can collect the demand of the purchase of a certain product that are of different market tiers. Example

Open datasets for product reviews

Are there public repositories that have public reviews and feedback data of products (I need digital camera reviews

Default sort order of a product list

Looking over a few ecommerce projects, I noticed that the default sorting order for any product list ends up being

Admin: Order View not showing product's ordered attribute

I want display more attribute like size|gender|color ect in Magento Sales-->Order section, Below is code I used

Knowing if I have an optimal ordering for a OBDD

I'm learning about OBDD and I have learned that the size of a reduced OBDD (ROBDD) is dependent on the ordering of t

Optimize simple query using ORDER BY date and text

I have a query to a table in Postgres with an order based on a date field and a number field, this table has 1000000

Is the optimal temperature for human productivity 13°C?

A recent study attempting to quantify some of the economic costs of a warming climate argues that the optimal temperatur

How to improve programming environment for optimal productivity?

As a beginner programmer I find myself spending hours and sometimes even days on my desk reading code, writing code, foc

Sol economy: What is optimal for production on earth?

Follow-up-question to this scenario:<br> ~ 2750 A.D : Quite a few asteroids/celestial bodies have been move to a s

How to get all products previously ordered by a customer?

How can I get all products ordered by the customer, so I can put them in a array ?

how to change displaying order of products in wp ecommerce

I am working on a wp-ecommerce enabled site and am trying to change the display order of the products on the product grid page. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to get Orders for specific product's attribute

I want to apply filter as follow, I want to get All orders having product of specific attribute, my product has

How to check if a user has ever ordered a product/list of products

;commerce_order', $order); foreach ($wrapper-&gt;commerce_line_items as $order_line) { $product = $order_line

List only Orders containing specific Products

Each Product has a Merchant field which is standard Craft User. What I'd like to do is list out all Orders which

Placing an order with configurable product weird issue

When placing an order with configurable product, Some products ordered twice. For example, Configurable product sku

How to create order programmatically with downloadable products

I am trying to make an order programmatically with downloadable products. I don't care about payment, the only

LUB GLB on a Lexicographically ordered complete lattice product

I am trying to define the LUB and GLB on a product of lattices that are partially ordered lexicographically

How to allow orders for out-of-stock products?

the if($_product-&gt;isSaleable()): from catalog/product/view/addtocart.phtml because that would be hardcoding something

Add more filters in report the products ordered

Here I am giving my first steps in magento. And I came across a nescessidade in: Reports-> Products->

Adminhtml Catalog Product Edit Tabs Sorting Order

I'm looking to add a new tab to the adminhtml catalog product edit page on the left side. I've gone through

magento2 how to sort order of product by price

It my code when I sort product by price but result not show $collection = $this-&gt;_productCollectionFactory-&

In what order are the countries during the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

the stadium by country. It usually seems to be alphabetical, but some countries are out of order. How is it determined which order the teams are in when they enter the stadium?

Open database of industrial companies and products, with bill of materials

I'm looking for open database of industrial companies and products, with bill of materials. For example - company

Open Product Data sources and importing into SQL

I'm trying to import the .sql file from Open Product Data, the POD Database Dump. The site recommends to use

What is the status of OKFN's Open Product Data project?

Open Product Data (also known as <em>Product Open Data</em>) is a project run by OKFN. Its main goal

What is the best way to promote an open source product?

a product is to provide information that is detailed, and easy to understand. Not everyone knows about open source

Open resources about cosmetics and beauty/body products

We're currently creating an open database of cosmetics and beauty/body products, just like we did for OpenFoodFacts

Is it possible switch buffers in order of accessing but not opening?

At first I am going try to explain you "order of opening". For example, if I'll open files in this order

Open data for chemical substances, structures and products?

I'm looking for large open data which provides chemical compounds, substances, structures and products. Database

Can a license on a open source product expire?

Background: While I know that copyrights on open source products expire. I have never come across anything regarding

How to open this smoke detector in order to change battery?

I need to change battery for my home smoke detector, but I have no idea how to open this model. I found many video

Do Open-Plan Offices have productivity advantages?

There are quite a few studies debunking the effectiveness of Open-Plan Offices (sometimes named Open Space

Dynamic Optimization: What if the second order condition does not hold?

Consider the following dynamic optimization problem \begin{align} &amp;\max_u \int^T_0{F(x,u)dt}\\ \text{s.t.}~&

Open source products like ExtJs Gui Designer

in the end come from a DB at the backend. Are there (not totally outdated) open source WYSIWYG editors for webpages that store

In tennis, when is the optimal time(s) to use an open or closed stance?

I think an open stance is used mainly for cross-court shots, and a closed stance would be used for line shots, but I

WooCommerce with thousands of products - site is very slow - optimize db queries?

So far I've got around 8,000 products in my WooCommerce and the product page on the front end takes several seconds

Open-source, thread-safe implementation of convex optimization solvers in C/C++?

Is there an open-source, thread-safe implementation of convex optimization solvers in C/C++? Some libraries

Optimal Data Format(s) for Open GIS Data Repositories?

, i'd like as many different answers/opinions as possible to make the best informed opinion. Open data github

Looking for diagram of Magento 2.0 database tables, such as Orders, Products, etc. and their relationships

I am Looking for a diagram or schema of all Magento 2.0 database tables, such as Orders, Products, etc. and their relationships with each other.

Magento 2 rest api - get orders with products' custom attributes

][filters][0][value]=pending' What am I doing wrong? I get everything but not the product attributes and the custom product attributes.

How to get the number of times a product has been ordered

I need the number of orders made by each product. I have the object \Magento\Catalog\Model\Product With that object

How can I order each product variant in my templates?

In Craft Commerce is it possible to order each product variant in the template, I would like to order by price

Add new column in product table while placing order from backend

I want to add a custom column in the product table that is displayed while placing order from magento admin panel

Products missing from price index after order place

There seem to be many issues around the re-indexing of product prices on order placement. See the other issue re

Change order or tabs on product details page on Magento 1.9

How do you change the order of the tabs on the product details page. I created a new tab called 'Programs'

Change Order status automatically when product is delivered based on fedex

I want to change the order status based on fedex or aramex shipping method. Suppose fedex delivered product i want

How do I list all products in ascending order in Magento?

I try to list all product names in a store, so I try the following code. $collection = Mage::getModel('catalog

Magento 1.8 order product quantity per 0.1 decimals

product, but this would mean creating a selection pull down list from 0.1 to 25.0 or so in steps of 0.1 ... very ugly

Where can I find open database with food product names and their calories?

Searching for open data with food products and their calories and nutritional values?