What user interfaces or tools (commercial and/or open source) can query a star schema model (Ralph Kimball dimensional model)? So for example, if we have X fact tables, and Y dimension tables, and Z cross reference tables, we'd like to query a random fact table. If you are aware of such tools, can you provide a reference of each.

When using Kolmogorov-Smirnov or Anderson-Darling goodness-of-fit tests, is it valid to claim that, because distribution X has a lower test statistic than distribution Y, distribution X is a better fit than Y?

I believe that both KS and AD are go-no go tests, in that they can only say, given a significance level, whether it's reasonable to reject the hypothesis that the data comes from the distribution being tested for. As I understand them, these tests are inadequate for comparing the goodness-of-fit of two distributions if they are both deemed acceptable (i.e. if both of their test statistics are below a critical threshold).

In other words, I think the answer to my own question is no, I can't claim that X is a better fit for the data than Y just because the test statistic for X is lower than for Y. I can only tell whether I can reject the hypothesis that the data comes from each distribution X and Y.

However, a coworker disagreed with me, and I couldn't find any resources online to back up my opinion. Who is correct? If you could point me in the direction of said resources (proving me either right or wrong), that would be appreciated.


Got inrested in DIY fluxes by reply here.

  1. Can you substitute rosin-core wire with DIY flux and non-rosin-core-wire?
  2. How and where to actually use DIY fluxes if you have rosin-core wire?
  3. Which % of ethanol and rosin should be used with SMD components?
  4. Why to use a soldering flux? ( relates part 2)
  5. With which substance you can avoid fungi? (relates to part 3)

I cut the up a fresh pineapple and wanted to freeze a portion, will it last and retain flavor/consistency? Also: is there anything that can be done with the Core - the hard part in the middle?

  1. Build a system for entering and displaying the allergies that patients may have.
  2. The allergy will have its own set of symptoms reactions. The allergy will also have a spectrum of severity which the clinician should be aware of, and allergies can be reported by the patient or by next of kin.

Please review my code and tell me how I can improve my object-oriented design.

class Allergy 

    attr_accessor :name, :reporter, :time_reported
    attr_reader :symptoms

    def initialize(name, reporter, time_reported=Time.now)
        @name = name
        @reporter = reporter
        @symptoms = []
        @time_reported = time_reported

    def add_symptoms(symptom, severity)
        symptom = Symptom.new(symptom, severity)


class Symptom
    attr_accessor :symptom, :severity

    def initialize(symptom, severity)
        @symptom = symptom
        @severity = severity


Is it possible to get a free and good spam blocker for your website?

I would really like to avoid having to serve CAPTCHAs to my site's users, but I don't want spam bots to be able to post links etc.

I have 3 sentences, each with relative clause as follows. By considering the English translation, is my understanding correct?

A: 私が好きな女性はたばこを吸わない。

A': The woman who likes me does not smoke.

B: 私は好きな女性がたばこを吸わない。

B': The woman I like does not smoke.

C: 私はたばこを吸わない女性が好きだ。

C': I like women who don't smoke.

Can someone explain me the difference between Salesforce Communities and Chatter Communities

It is common practice to allow drinking coffee pretty much anywhere. It is also widely accepted to drink unflavored beers. Would that logic allow one to drink beer that is commercially brewed and/or flavored with coffee?

formats of chapter and section

Hello, everyone, I want to arrange the chapter and section as the picture shown and The font should be Times New Roman, 12 point, could anyone give me some tips.