In browsing Trade-a-Plane for my dream (light GA) ride, I often note the TBO (Time Before Overhaul) for an aircraft in relation to its asking price. Obviously, the more time left before an overhaul is due, the greater the value of the airplane compared to one that is near or beyond its overhaul due date (hours).

I've always assumed this was an airworthiness item, meaning the aircraft was illegal to fly if it was overdue for a major overhaul. But now I'm not so sure. I've seen aircraft advertised as having a relatively recent top overhaul while being overdue for a major overhaul and I've seen a couple advertised that were overdue with no recent work done. Is a GA aircraft legal to fly if it's overdue for maintenance, and what are the exact rules for this?

I have a 1998 Toyota RAV4 (FWD, automatic transmission). The speedometer sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, seemingly journey by journey - one time, it stuck at 0 at the start of a journey then began working perfectly after about 5 minutes on the road, but other times it either works from start to finish of a journey, or doesn't work at all.

My question is similar to Intermittently fluctuating/non-functioning speedometer in Volvo 940. Possible causes?, but I've never had the needle "wobble around", and my problem seems to be per journey rather than speed related (and obviously it's a different vehicle).

A garage has checked it over, fixed some rusty wiring, sorted out some other electrical issues with the headlights and changed some fuses, and after this it works more often than it did, but it still often fails.

I'm interested in what could cause this kind of "one day it works, one day it doesn't" behaviour, seemingly not affecting anything but the speedometer needle.

I don't think it could be weather related (I'm in West Africa and it's pretty much hot and dry every day, rare tropical rains and no apparent link between rain and the days it does/doesn't work), though I've seen an article suggesting that in some older RAV4s with sunroofs (which mine does have), rain water can leak in and cause problems like this by corroding a connector block (but their problem has different symptoms to mine).

I've read some sources suggesting it might be linked to the transmission - in my case, the automatic transmission seems to work fine regardless of whether the speedometer is having an off day or not. The only thing it seems to affect is the speedometer dial itself.

I’m a beginner in the Ethereum world and I’ve got some problems dealing with a SimpleStorage contract on my private testnet ( In particular, if I create a contract instance and then call the set() function from the same node everything works. But if I call the set() function from another node of my private testnet by using the following commands:

> var instance = web3.eth.contract(abi).at(contractAddress);
> instance.set.sendTransaction(21, {from: web3.eth.accounts[0]});

the function does not seem to work. More precisely, by simply adding some event listeners, I can notice that the fallback function gets called instead. Could anyone tell me why? What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated.

Is there an easy way to open a file in a new window (as opposed to a new tab) in Textmate? The wokraround I've been using is to open the project in a second window, but there must be a better way?

Is there a good resource or tutorial which explains how to setup PhpStorm so one can develop and debug Joomla extensions (and core) with it?

I am looking for something similar to the Configuring Eclipse for Joomla! development tutorial.

A lot of people seem to be happy with it, but I struggled to get it to work and gave up.

I have a picture of a column with some text:

The text is really hard to make out. Is there any way I can manipulate the image to make the text stand out more and be easier to read? I have tried many things, however none worked.

I don't care if the background color gets manipulated, I just need the text to be easily visible.

Our site uses Views heavily and unfortunately we've got a caching problem.

On our front page we've got a View that only shows content whose publishing date is more recent than the current date. So if we post an article whose publishing date is 2 hours from now, it should be visible in two hours from now on.

This works fine for logged in users. But the majority of our visitors doesn't have an account. And when not logged in the article gets published seemingly at random. It could be visible 20 minutes or 1 hour past the desired date.

The View has got no caching enabled. Site wide we've got the following options enabled:

  • Caching mode: normal
  • Page compression
  • Block caching
  • CSS caching
  • JavaScript caching

Do you have some hints regarding our problem? I'm using Drupal 6.

An Olympic diving pool is min 5.03 m deep. A diver from 10 m enters the water in "perfect pencil shape" and maintains this shape in the water without "breaking" the dive. Can this diver sustain injury from hitting the bottom of the pool with enough speed? Have such injuries occurred? If so, why don't they increase pool min depth?

I star incoming messages in Gmail to keep track of which ones need replies.

I'd like to be able to do the same thing with sent messages. As I'm sending them, star or tag them so that I'll be able to view a list of them later, to make sure I got replies.

Is there a way to do this, or in general deal with sent messages better within Gmail, so that the conversation doesn't just disappear if the other person doesn't reply?

I've always used "faltar" to mean "to lack, to be missing".

But in my reading I find that "carecer" seems to mean exactly the same.

When should I use the one or the other? Are there some differences?