I am a new rock climber at the age of 30 and I have been climbing (and bouldering) twice a week for two months now (one session bouldering and one session in the wall). I have lately been feeling some soreness around the A2 and A3 pulley (see figure) below.

The symptoms I experience is a strange stiffness in the morning which makes it hard to bend my fingers, and when they bend, it feels somewhat strange, as if something was moving around in the A2/C1/A3 area. The same area is also slightly tender. However, I have no pain in these areas while climbing.

Finger anatomy Figure courtesy of Training for Climbing, by Eric J. Horst (via Finger Tendon Pulley Injury).

My question is therefore:

What are symptoms of climber's finger?

I want to continue climbing, as often as possible, and at least twice a week. But is this sustainable, given the current situation, or do I need to take a break from climbing?

Is it haraam to keep shapes of skulls in the house? My father keeps complaining about my telephone being the shape of a skull.

I want to know if there's any hadith or Qur'aan verse that speaks against this. I know it is haraam to keep images of people and animals on display because they are duplications of things that only Allah(SWT) is able to create, but this?

I'm new to electric guitars, but I understand that all the different models out there have various signal-modifying electronics shoved somewhere inside the body that modify the pickups' signal before getting to the output jack.

Why would anyone want that? Wouldn't it be better to just output a "raw" signal and then have my choice of what signal modifiers I hook up AFTER it comes out of the guitar's jack?

So this question is mainly directed to the day to day transactions between accounts of different banks. More specifically I would like to know what (if any) 3rd party you use such as (pay-pal) to transfer money between banks. Since I do all my money management online and the bank is inconvenient, I'd like to know what other options there are to transfer money between accounts of different banks. Wells Fargo doesn't offer the option to transfer to another account.

I know BOA allows for that, but I'd rather not get another bank account. Thanks for your inputs!

For each of the 13 rows of a Yahtzee scoresheet you are given (from stdin) a space separated list of 5 numbers (dice). Your task is to calculate the score for each line and output the Grand Total of the game.


Input and how to interpret it:

Input       Box              Score
6 1 4 1 3   Aces              2
3 2 2 1 2   Twos              6
6 3 2 3 3   Threes            9
4 2 3 6 5   Fours             4  
6 3 5 5 1   Fives            10
1 5 6 5 6   Sixes            12
            Bonus             -
4 2 4 4 1   3 of a kind      15
2 2 3 2 4   4 of a kind       -
3 2 2 2 3   Full house       25  
1 3 1 6 1   Small straight    -
2 5 4 6 3   Large straight   40
2 2 2 2 2   Yahtzee          50
5 5 4 5 2   Chance           21
            Grand Total     194

We will disregard the Yahtzee Bonus and Joker rules, and only sum up the scores from the Upper and Lower Section and the Bonus in the Upper Section. If in doubt, refer to these rules.

May the shortest code win!

Found in Russia in the kitchen. It is about 3 mm long.

I'm considering buying a personal locator beacon.

As I understand it they should only be activated in case of dire emergency. What happens if it is set off accidentally while at home? What about somewhere remote?

If it makes a difference, I'm in Australia.

The challenge

Write a program that takes two integers from standard input, separated by a comma, and then prints a visualisation of long multiplication of those two integers to standard output.



14, 11

Program output



-7, 20

Program output


Assume always correct inputs and numbers in the range [-999, 999]

Winning criteria

Shortest code wins!

It's clear from the rules that any player can use the red/yellow dice secured by a spell during their turn for resolving a task without using an Add red/yellow die Cards' effects. The rule also says, any player can use dice secured by a spell during their turn for use in a Roll - does that mean that, in case a red/yellow was secured by a spell before my turn starts, I may add the special die/dice into my dice pool and use them in my roll WITHOUT using the Add red/yellow die Cards' effects? Thank You for any help in advance!

I would like to be able to easily select a region of text from Emacs and then paste it into another app or browser - with all the extra fill-paragraph newlines removed so that the paragraph display in the other app can work properly.

The unfill-region function in the unfill package seems fine for this, but further work is needed to automate this properly. Before I do that, does this already exist?