The Net Positive Suction Head of a pump is defined as


  pi  : pressure at pump inlet [Pa]
  pv  : vapore pressure of a medium (propellant) [Pa]
  rho : density of a medium (propellant) [kg/m^3]
  g0  : gravitational constant [m/s^2]

Why is there g0 in this equation?

It makes complete sense here on earth, but for a system in space shouldn't NPSH better be calculated with the acceleration of the vehicle?

The Death Eaters have full members (those with the Dark Mark) and affiliates (Fenrir Greyback, Scabior, etc) -- is it the same for the Order?

I'm wondering if Mundungus "Dung" Fletcher was actually part of the Order of the Phoenix, or whether he was more of an affiliate. On one hand, in Deathly Hallows, we learn that Dumbledore instructed Snape to plant the idea of the Seven Potters with Mundungus using a Confundus Charm, and the Order subsequently used the idea. Furthermore, Dung is trusted to watch over Harry in Order of the Phoenix, a task which he fails at miserably, as the Dementor attacks on Harry and Dudley occur while Dung has absconded from his post at Privet Drive to go see about some stolen cauldrons. He is trusted enough for the Order to let him into No. 12 Grimmauld and to know that is the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

On the other hand, Dung is a sneak thief who cleans out No. 12 Grimmauld and ends up being responsible for the the Slytherin locket Horcrux getting to Dolores Umbridge, and abandons Mad-Eye Moody in the Battle of the Seven Potters in Deathly Hallows, during which Moody is killed. We don't know what would've happened if Dung had not Disapparated from Moody's side, but if he had stuck around, it's possible he could have blocked a curse or stunned the Death Eater before the Death Eater could kill Moody.

Is there any canon, or a quote from J.K. Rowling, that verifies whether or not Mundungus Fletcher was a full member of the Order of the Phoenix?

Please, no HP Wikia or Wiki answers.

I have heard two different ways of pronouncing the very common word-ending ый (as in, e.g., чёрный or кра́сный).

The first variant has a barely audible [j] sound after [ɨ].
The second variant has a clearly audible "sh" sound after [ɨ], quite similar to German "ch" [ç] (but certainly different to the English "sh" and also different to a ж, ш or щ sound).

This question came up because I frequently hear the [ç] ending in a "Basic Russian course" on Memrise.
Here's a video picked on Youtube where you can hear both pronunciation. She pronounces, for example, кра́сный with that [ç] ending. Most of the colors, however, are neatly pronounced, i.e. with that subtle [j] ending only.
And here's another video with a mixture of both pronunciations.

I assume that the first variant is the 'standard' pronunciation (if that exists?!) and the second one is kind of sloppy pronunciation; but probably the most common.

  • Is that true?
  • Which pronunciation should a language learner pick up?
  • And would that also be applied to the ending ий (e.g. англи́йский)?1

This question is not about the standard pronunciation and difference between и, ий, ы and ый. I am aware of the other question linked in comments and there are a lot of questions about this on the Internet. However, none of these questions does address what I'm asking here.

1 I haven't heard the second variant for ий (yet), but I guess the assumption is not too far-fetched.

I use the Weby extension for Launchy to do custom searches. I should be able to search Gmail like this


using this search definition


alt text

but the forward slash following #search gets rewritten to a backslash, so the URL that is sent to the browser is\[email protected]

Gmail doesn't like the backslash, so it considers the URL invalid and redirects to #inbox.

Any ideas how I can stop Launchy (or Weby) from reversing that forward slash?

What tool is needed to remove a Shimano HG-50 freewheel from the wheel hub? It looks like a 12mm or 13mm Allen key. Will this do it or is there some detail I have missed?

Suppose I have a mining rig that draws 1,200 Watts. How many of those mining rigs can I run on a standard US home circuit?

Do I need a special outlet?

What is the risk of an electrical fire?

What other safety precautions should I take?

I'm using Windows Phone 8 and downloaded songs via Xbox Music app. If I disable data connection while listing to the music, it'll give me this error message.

Sorry we can't play this file on your phone. 
Error code 80072f30

Why does it require data connection to play the music after I've downloaded the music to my phone already?

Of the people who were sent to the past, three to date have been shown as having CMR implants. These three are;

  • Keira Cameron, the CPS agent protagonist,
  • Elena, the CPS agent that was sent back to 1975, revealed in "Second Skin",
  • Travis Berta, a member of Liber8

It is revealed that Travis has the CMR implant in an earlier episode, in which Sonya Valentine is instructed to "terminate" the project (him) and shut down the operation she has been working on. This is shown as the point in which Sonya and Travis swapped sides.

There is a particular plot point in the episode "Second Skin";

While trying to locate the second suit, which Elena had been wearing when she was sent back to 1975, Alec "power cycles" all other CMRs connected to the network (excluding Keira). This causes Elena's CMR to power up, and Travis to experience a sudden and intense pain.

In addition to the plot point from Second Skin, there is an earlier episode - "Playtime" - in which;

Lucas Ingram hacks into Keira's CMR to take control of her and force her to take actions that she would not normally take, against her will.

With these two instances being revealed as something that can happen as a result of having the CMR implants, what is stopping the protagonist from utilising these methods to control the threat that Travis Berta obviously is to the security of the future?

This isn't a Buddhist question per se, maybe better placed in a yoga or Taoist thread but anywhere here I go:

When I am in the lotus position (classic right leg over left leg as instructed in all Buddhist guides) for the past 10 years, my right knee has always floated a quarter of an inch off the ground, even if I try to adjust my position by sitting offset on my mat.

Anatomically speaking, I don't see how anyone can have both of their knees on the floor..

Although I feel energetically blissful whilst maintaining the posture, the posture feels uneven, imbalances my torso, and I feel uneven pressure on my right thigh and must end my lotus posture in about 10 to 20 minutes due to the pressure on my right thigh... Sometimes I switch reverse full lotus and that makes me feel more balanced.

Am I doing something wrong or is this something all advanced lotus meditators must deal with? How can I remedy, deal with, compensate (et cetera) my lotus posture?

Also, this is a separate question but are there any passages in the canon that speak about posture?

Any suggestions in any realm, physical, environmental, or even mental are welcome.

I've got 2 iPad games that crash (vanish from the screen) on startup. The games are Epic Citadel and Gravity HD. Both apps go through the loading sequence then the screen goes black and returns back to the main iPad screen. I have tried reinstalling Epic Citadel with no luck. I don't want to delete and reinstall Gravity HD as I would lose where I am up to. I have raised a support call with the latter game but have not heard anything (2 weeks ago). Any ideas on what to do?