I create designs and then export to PDF and give them to the printers, but what I would like to do is to put our company logo on there, but not in the printable area. I know I can put the file name etc around it but is there a way to put a logo too? If not, is there a way to put my company name/author name without changing the file name?



I have a web part in which I am displaying the item title as a link. I want user to redirect to the custom view which displays only that product information. I need to pass the query string parameter when user clicks on the link.

My code for view is:

<View BaseViewID="2" Type="HTML" WebPartZoneID="Main" DisplayName="$Resources:OPLBIntranet,procedureViewDisplayName;" MobileView="TRUE" SetupPath="pages\viewpage.aspx" ImageUrl="/_layouts/15/images/generic.png?rev=23" Url="procedures.aspx">
    <Toolbar Type="Standard" />
    <XslLink Default="TRUE">main.xsl</XslLink>
    <RowLimit Paged="TRUE">30</RowLimit>
      <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"></FieldRef>
      <FieldRef Name="oiplbDepartment"/>
      <FieldRef Name="oiplbQmsDocApprover1"/>
      <FieldRef Name="oiplbQmsDocApprover2"/>
        <FieldRef Name="ID"></FieldRef>
      <ParameterBinding Name="NoAnnouncements" Location="Resource(wss,noXinviewofY_LIST)" />
      <ParameterBinding Name="NoAnnouncementsHowTo" Location="Resource(wss,noXinviewofY_DEFAULT)" />

I copied the view from the allitems.aspx view in List's schema file but I donot have much idea about how to bind parameters and configure the query based on parameter.

How do I configure the query and bind parameter?

I am planning for a trek at the Advance Base Camp or if possible up to Camp II of Saser Kangri. The region is so deserted of people and expeditionists/mountaineers that there are usually only two to three odd tents at the Base Camp of the mountain, and it's a known fact that once you are beyond the Base Camp, yours is the only team at campsites en-route the summit.

The weather is very harsh, and the mountain does not allow much area to take a walk on a day when you are not going up the mountain. All you have is a deserted campsite and solace to enjoy. And this goes on for days, worst case for a week. In such cases, you are stuck at higher camps with absolutely no way to roam around or move up the mountain. All you can do is to hope and wait for the weather to get suitable for further progress.

I don't like to read for hours or sit around idle. I usually tend to doze off when I am not doing anything.

  • In such a case if I sleep for more than 16 hours a day, does that put me in a trouble by any means?

  • What are your tricks to stay up?

Each time I start up, I get a blue popup-like blue window with an exclamation mark giving me what looks like an error message. It does not stay long enough for me to write it down.

It says something like:

Avahi does not support ".local".. something about network?

But a lot more text... I deduced the name "avahi" from trying tab-completion in a terminal. ;) It has something to do with some network or other. I have cable internet, and also a wireless network adapter that is switched off.

Is this something to be concerned about? I am running an 11.04 Ubuntu inside a WinXP, on a USB-drive.

I want to solve the Lane-Emden isothermal equation [PDF, eq. 15.2.9]

$$\frac{d^2 \!\psi}{d \xi^2} + \frac{2}{\xi} \frac{d \psi}{d \xi} = e^{-\psi}$$

with the initial conditions

$$\psi(\xi = 0) = 0 \quad \left.\frac{d\psi}{d \xi}\right|_{\xi = 0} = 0$$

using SciPy odeint() but, as it can be seen, the equation is singular at the origin. The documentation states it uses ODEPACK.

I already know the power series of the solution in a neighbourhood of $\xi = 0$ (ref):

$$\psi(\xi) \simeq \frac{\xi^2}{6} - \frac{\xi^4}{120} + \frac{\xi^6}{1890}$$

I tried setting tcrit to np.array([0.0]), but didn't work: I get a warning about invalid values and then my solution is all NaN. Should I integrate starting from 0.01 maybe? Or is there any other solution?

I am a new rock climber at the age of 30 and I have been climbing (and bouldering) twice a week for two months now (one session bouldering and one session in the wall). I have lately been feeling some soreness around the A2 and A3 pulley (see figure) below.

The symptoms I experience is a strange stiffness in the morning which makes it hard to bend my fingers, and when they bend, it feels somewhat strange, as if something was moving around in the A2/C1/A3 area. The same area is also slightly tender. However, I have no pain in these areas while climbing.

Finger anatomy Figure courtesy of Training for Climbing, by Eric J. Horst (via Finger Tendon Pulley Injury).

My question is therefore:

What are symptoms of climber's finger?

I want to continue climbing, as often as possible, and at least twice a week. But is this sustainable, given the current situation, or do I need to take a break from climbing?

Is it haraam to keep shapes of skulls in the house? My father keeps complaining about my telephone being the shape of a skull.

I want to know if there's any hadith or Qur'aan verse that speaks against this. I know it is haraam to keep images of people and animals on display because they are duplications of things that only Allah(SWT) is able to create, but this?

I'm new to electric guitars, but I understand that all the different models out there have various signal-modifying electronics shoved somewhere inside the body that modify the pickups' signal before getting to the output jack.

Why would anyone want that? Wouldn't it be better to just output a "raw" signal and then have my choice of what signal modifiers I hook up AFTER it comes out of the guitar's jack?

So this question is mainly directed to the day to day transactions between accounts of different banks. More specifically I would like to know what (if any) 3rd party you use such as (pay-pal) to transfer money between banks. Since I do all my money management online and the bank is inconvenient, I'd like to know what other options there are to transfer money between accounts of different banks. Wells Fargo doesn't offer the option to transfer to another account.

I know BOA allows for that, but I'd rather not get another bank account. Thanks for your inputs!

For each of the 13 rows of a Yahtzee scoresheet you are given (from stdin) a space separated list of 5 numbers (dice). Your task is to calculate the score for each line and output the Grand Total of the game.


Input and how to interpret it:

Input       Box              Score
6 1 4 1 3   Aces              2
3 2 2 1 2   Twos              6
6 3 2 3 3   Threes            9
4 2 3 6 5   Fours             4  
6 3 5 5 1   Fives            10
1 5 6 5 6   Sixes            12
            Bonus             -
4 2 4 4 1   3 of a kind      15
2 2 3 2 4   4 of a kind       -
3 2 2 2 3   Full house       25  
1 3 1 6 1   Small straight    -
2 5 4 6 3   Large straight   40
2 2 2 2 2   Yahtzee          50
5 5 4 5 2   Chance           21
            Grand Total     194

We will disregard the Yahtzee Bonus and Joker rules, and only sum up the scores from the Upper and Lower Section and the Bonus in the Upper Section. If in doubt, refer to these rules.

May the shortest code win!