Do honeybees disrupt native pollinators in North America? - 7 Points

One of my colleagues at work is vegan, and I became curious about why vegans don't eat honey.

After a search on the internet I found a website explaining why honey is not vegan.

However what baffled me was the claim that bees are harmful to the environment. This goes against my general knowledge about the role of bees on nature.

Ultimately, however, the reduction of honeybee populations would be positive because they crowd out native bee species. Honeybees are not native to North America. [...]

Honeybees steal pollen and nectar from other pollinators, but honeybees are not necessarily the best pollinators in natural ecosystems. Bees wet the pollen with saliva making it less likely to be transferred to a plant. They also travel to many different types of plants so the pollen doesn't necessarily get to the right plant

So to summarize, do honeybees prevent native pollinators, inlcuding native bees from effectively pollinating plants?

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