Mailmerge via Google Sheets: multiline cell content - 3 Points

I'm trying to create a batch of email messages using data from a Google Sheets.

The Sheets has these columns: name, email address, message

I tried 2 google Add-ons: Yet Another Mail Merge (uses Gmail for the mail composition) and Merge by Mailchimp (uses Google Docs for the mail composition).

With both, the same issue occurs: the generated emails do not respect the linebreaks, and so the message is just one big chunk of text, aweful to read at.

Do you know of a way to solve this?

I've tried this, and it almost worked (with YAMM, it did not work with MbM): have a "before" column with <pre> as value and another "after" column with </pre> as value.

And then, in the mailmerge, inject <<before>> <<comments>> <<after>>

But that create another problem: many emails have their body trimmed for some strange reason. I'd rather solve this inside Google Sheets if possible.

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